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Complex Installations

Our crew has years of experience in installing complete processing plants for powder and liquid processing. 

Our crew can work according to ASME BPE, PED and are all certified.

  • Complete industrial plants 
  • 3rd party machine installations
  • Just a piping installation we do too
  • Filling machines assemblies
  • Conveyers
  • Upgrades

Stainless Steel Tanks

We build a variety of stainless steel tanks up to any size - the tanks varies from large spray dryers, storage tanks, mixing tanks, mobile tanks and balance tanks.

We build either according to your designs or our engineering department participate directly in the development process.

  • Any size tank
  • Double jacket can be added
  • Insulation if required
  • Indoor or Outdoor tanks
  • ATM or Pressure
  • Local Code

Stainless Steel Additionals

We build customised platforms, ductwork, spcecial assembly in any form of shape to your required design and specification.

Our engineering department can also assist you in the design phase and ensure you follow the industry standards.

  • If we can draw it we can build it
  • If need extra materials we get it
    • Pipes
    • Valves
    • Instruments
    • Bolts and Nuts
    • Other fittings


Automatic welding of tupes and pipes for ASME BPE, DIN and ISO standards.

Also our exstensive range of purge and blatter tools will ensure a perfect weld each and every time, moreover 90% savings in argon as conventional methods.

  • Weld 100% everytime
  • Collets from 1/4" to 3"
  • 30 validated programs
  • Well trained operators